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Best Exercises for Heart

If you are looking for the best exercises for Heart, then you are landed at the right place. Exercise and sports are the basics of a healthy lifestyle. When you do exercise not only your muscles get stronger but your heart also remains healthy and strong. To keep the body healthy, it is not necessary that we exercise something special like an athlete. However, if you stroll even for half an hour while chatting with friends, you can also see a big difference. If your work gives you very less or no time for moving and you keep your body sitting all the time, you have to start exercising as your body really need it.

Some of the commonly asked questions by a person are what exercise strengthens your heart or how to strengthen a weak heart? So, here are going to make you aware of the 5 best exercises for heart. The best exercises for heart are as follows:

#1 Aerobics

Best Exercises for Heart

For a healthy heart, experts recommend aerobics exercises for 30 minutes at least once a week. Jogging, running, cycling etc. are included in the aerobic exercise.

#2 Stair Climbing

Best Exercises for Heart

Stair Climbing is recommended as one of the best exercises for heart. This is an activity that can be done both at home or in your workplace. This is also a kind of aerobic exercise. Experts believe that to get the maximum benefit from any aerobic exercise, you can increase your heartbeat to more than 50% and 85% by normal.

#3 Tai Chi

Best Exercises for Heart

If you are searching for “what exercise strengthens your heart” then this is the one. Tai Chi is an internal Chinese Martial Art which is also used for health benefits. It includes deep breathing, concentration, and rhythmic physical activities. Tai Chi is an effective method or exercise for reducing stress and strengthening the heart.

#4 Dancing

Best Exercises for Heart

Dancing is the best and interesting exercise to keep the heart strong. Dance is the best answer to how to strengthen a weak heart? For those who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, this is the best exercises. Although it is up to you to decide how much it is to practice. 120 to 135 beats per minute is considered a good aerobic beat and so for dancing.

#5 Stretching

Best Exercises for Heart

Stretching is the another good exercise for heart. Stretching should be a definite part of your exercise chart. It can be extremely difficult for many people but doing it at least twice a week, you gradually get used to it. However, you must be extremely careful while stretching and if there is more pain due to any physical problems then you should avoid stretching.

So, these were some of the best exercises for hear which are really beneficial for your heart. However, if you have breath, muscular or any other disease, you must consult your doctor before doing any of the above exercises.

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